From the development of investment strategies and estate plans, to the management of
retirement accounts and family trusts, we create comprehensive strategies that are tailored
to each client’s distinct situation and goals.

You're a Divorcee or Widow In Need of a New Advisor

You just went through a major life transition and things may feel overwhelming right now. You want to understand how to manage your new financial responsibilities and how this transition will affect your future, while retaining a level of responsibility that you are comfortable with. You want a trusting relationship with an advisor who retains these responsibilities and acts solely with your interests in mind. You also want to learn more about how other women in a similar position have handled these new financial responsibilities.

You’re A Successful Entrepreneur

You worked hard to create your business and now are experiencing significant growth. Your focus is on sustaining your level of success and you frequently are traveling. You don't want to neglect your finances, and realize that it's time to add another member to your team of trusted advisors to help manage your financial life beyond your business.

You’re Ready To Enjoy Retirement

You and your spouse have enjoyed successful careers and are ready for retirement. Your hard work has paid off and you are looking forward to maintaining your lifestyle and pursuing your passions. You realize that you want to take on a greater role in the family's financial life since the bulk of the responsibility has fallen to your spouse. You are seeking guidance and education to help you share the responsibility.

You’re an Heir or Trustee Taking Charge of Finances

You are now responsible for a large sum of money or have just been named the successor trustee of your family trust. You worry about how your new responsibility will affect personal relationships, as several family members and loved ones are also beneficiaries. You're confident about your new role, but you recognize that you need the specialized knowledge and experience of a financial professional.

building Financial Security

Know where you stand and what you want for the future. Take the time to understand your assets and liabilities, like loans, credit and other debts, and ask for full transparency from your partner.

Cash Flow Needs For You & Your Family

  • Home and Lifestyle Management
  • Income Tax Management

Planning For Your Golden Years

  • Retirement Planning
  • Vacation Home Management

Establishing Your Legacy

  • Gifting to Family Members
  • Wealth Transfer Planning

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